About Us

We are a tight knit community of friends, family and patients who have struggled with restless legs and other unfortunate, and often disruptive, health conditions. We have found relief through alternative means than what our doctors recommended and we are here to share with others our story.

We saw how inadequate modern healthcare actually was at helping those with long term health issues. While they are very good in emergencies and acute health issues, there really seemed to be a deficit when dealing with people going through longer term conditions.

This website is a resource for those who feel the same way and are looking for more answers than just taking a drug for the rest of your life, in hopes that the symptoms will be managed.

We know that the body is designed to repair itself and our job is to give our body the proper environment for it to do just that. The research and tips outlined in this website is dedicated to you, in hopes that you learn how to provide the proper environment for your body to correct itself, naturally.

We have realized through our journeys, that the body can and will repair itself if given the right environment. Our job is to help align with that right environment so that can happen. It is our hope that this website can serve as a guidepost for those who want to learn how this is done.

To your health,

Wellness Sooner