The Many Benefits of Magnesium Malate

There are many health benefits associated with magnesium because it is anti-inflammatory and can increase the ability to exercise. It is simpler to absorb in the body as a salt that is bound to some other substance. Magnesium malate is a combination of magnesium and malic acid.

It can be helpful for conditions that are attributed to the over-excitation of the neuro-muscular system. Magnesium is needed to form cells and to maintain bones, muscles, and nerves. Among the health benefits of magnesium and what it regulates in your body are:


  • DNA, bone and protein production
  • Control of blood flow and pressure
  • Control of blood sugar levels
  • Muscle improvement
  • Nerve regulation

The combination of magnesium and malic acid increases absorption. Malic acid is found in fruits like oranges. The compound magnesium malate produces an organic form of magnesium that is also called a magnesium salt.

It lets more magnesium to be absorbed by the body before such side effects can occur like diarrhea. Fast absorption also makes for quick regulation in the body. Malic acid is vital in the production of energy. The combination of magnesium malate has very mild side effects and can be taken safely.

There are different kinds of salt formulations that combine with magnesium. It has been shown the magnesium malate has better bio-availability than other formulations. Magnesium malate supplements are taken with a meal, and dosages differ according to age and certain medical conditions that require higher doses of magnesium. First, check the label to see which magnesium malate supplement is right for you.

Labels will list the active ingredients per serving and added ingredients like flavorings, binders, and fillers. Always check for seals of approval by the U.S. FDA. As with any supplements, be sure that you can take magnesium malate in combination with any medications you might be taking.